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If you are looking for an affordable used car or used minivan in Scarborough, Frontier Fine Cars wants you to be confident about your next used car purchase. All of our quality handpicked used cars and minivans are Certified and E-Tested, so you know you are getting a safe and reliable vehicle.

Everyone’s situation is different, but the good news is that having bad credit doesn’t mean you have to forget about having a car! Frontier Fine Cars is a trusted source in the GTA and surrounding areas for helping people get approved for auto loans no matter what their current credit situation. We make the process of finding the right vehicle and car loan for you easy, secure and stress free. Let us handle your financing while you choose your vehicle! Avoid sleepless nights and enjoy smooth driving! Apply now and drive tomorrow!



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  • Bob Stiepock Aug 23, 2019

    Sold my car to these gentlemen. They didn't try to haggle and treated me with respect and dignity. Fantastic experience, sale complete in 40 minutes. Nice showroom. Everyone was polite. I've been treated better here than I was at an Audi Dealership, go figure!

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  • Wendel Sylvester Aug 15, 2019

    I've found Rodney to be a fair and upfront guy who knows the value of customer service. His record of constant and consistent vehicle sales proves he' is the "Financeguy". He is a search engine of Knowledge and works hard to fit you into a vehicle within your budget. This is my second vehicle from this location and I highly recommend it. Thanks Rod

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  • leonard agienoji Aug 13, 2019

    This is a great place to get any car you desire. They have a great team to give you an awesome experience. Best deals, no matter what you have in hand, you'll get a car, great financing. Also, if you get Rodney, best believe you'll be happy at end.

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  • Quincy Ly May 29, 2019

    Rodney did a phenomenal job in helping me find a vehicle. The experience he provided me was easy and educational. He informed me each step of the way and was always reachable. I appreciated the fact that he not only found me a competitive rate but also provided me with my payment options that best fit my needs. I highly recommend connecting with Rodney [...]

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  • Kay Smith Aug 06, 2019

    My first experience was great at frontier fine cars. The sales associates were very friendly and helpful especially Sam he was the one that helped me. Thanks again Sam !👍🏾

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