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If you are looking for an affordable used car or used minivan in Scarborough, Frontier Fine Cars wants you to be confident about your next used car purchase. All of our quality handpicked used cars and minivans are Certified and E-Tested, so you know you are getting a safe and reliable vehicle.

Everyone’s situation is different, but the good news is that having bad credit doesn’t mean you have to forget about having a car! Frontier Fine Cars is a trusted source in the GTA and surrounding areas for helping people get approved for auto loans no matter what their current credit situation. We make the process of finding the right vehicle and car loan for you easy, secure and stress free. Let us handle your financing while you choose your vehicle! Avoid sleepless nights and enjoy smooth driving! Apply now and drive tomorrow!



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  • Christine P Mar 06, 2019

    I bought a car and Sam Sothinathan held my hand through everything. What can I say about Sam? He answered every single one of my (million) messages and phone calls. He never seemed annoyed at all. He made me feel so comfortable through the whole process. The first car I chose had an accident on the car facts report. Sam called me back and told me [...]

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  • Tracy Gillard Feb 27, 2019

    Heather Sharp was absolutely amazing, I went with a friend who was purchasing a new car and I told Heather how I wanted to get out of my current financed vehicle and into something newer and she went above and beyond to get me into the SUV I had wanted for so long and because of how grateful I am to her for all she did for me I had no problem referring [...]

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  • viaval Jan 17, 2019

    My experience with Rodney Brown at Frontier Fine cars has by far been the best experience I’ve had with any car sales man in Toronto. Thanks to Rodney my 3rd vehicle was a smooth and speedy process despite personal hiccups. Rodney displayed the epitome of service and respect and I could not be more grateful. Already recommended him to anybody who’ll [...]

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  • aji varghese Mar 14, 2019

    I appreciate their service and responsibility. They are outgoing in dealing with customers and get things done up to the mark

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  • Crystal Richards Nov 06, 2018

    My husband and I had a worry free experience with Rodney. We explained to Rodney what we wanted to purchase and at what cost. Rodney did all the work for us. I have already recommended him to my close friends and family. Rodney was very kind, knowledgeable and patient with my picky needs in a car. He went above and beyond for us. Just wanted to say [...]

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