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If you are looking for an affordable used car or used minivan in Scarborough, Frontier Fine Cars wants you to be confident about your next used car purchase. All of our quality handpicked used cars and minivans are Certified and E-Tested, so you know you are getting a safe and reliable vehicle.

Everyone’s situation is different, but the good news is that having bad credit doesn’t mean you have to forget about having a car! Frontier Fine Cars is a trusted source in the GTA and surrounding areas for helping people get approved for auto loans no matter what their current credit situation. We make the process of finding the right vehicle and car loan for you easy, secure and stress free. Let us handle your financing while you choose your vehicle! Avoid sleepless nights and enjoy smooth driving! Apply now and drive tomorrow!



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  • Camille Mitchell

    Imagine the stress and uncertainty of walking into a used car dealership not knowing what you want or if you can afford it, then finding someone who can guide you through the whole process with patience and respect for our finances. For us, that person was Sam. He listened attentively and responded to our unreasonable request on a timely basis. He never [...]

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  • Nathan Macdonald

    We had a great experience. Sam was amazing, he went above and beyond our expectations. He worked hard for us to give us the truck we wanted in our price range. We definitely recommend Sam and Frontier if you are looking for a new vehicle. He truly cares about his customers and takes ever aspect into consideration when looking for a vehicle for you. [...]

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  • ashley t

    If you're looking to purchase a vehicle, I recommend you check out frontier fine cars. Sam and Heather were great. They found exactly what I was looking for within my budget, I really do appreciate their hard work and the time they sacrificed to get me in my new car. Regardless of your situation, they are willing to help. The process is quick and their [...]

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  • Aj Locks

    The service I had was awesome. I was able to get the exact car I wanted and the salesperson was a joy to talk too and was very respectful. Heather put in a great amount of effort and time to make this work for me. I couldn't of asked for a better sales representative. She made this affordable for me, which also made everything very relieving for me [...]

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  • Norman Purdy

    PJ of Frontier Fine Cars is the man! Using car finder PJ was able show me multiple opens for Ford Fusions available in the market at my price point and then took care of the trade in and all the fine details so that I could drop off the old car and drive away in my new 2017 Ford Fusion with all the fixings. Thanks to PJ and the Frontier team!

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